June 27, 2023

modernAKIS coaching sessions | May 2023 | Copenhagen, Denmark, and Zagreb, Croatia

In May 2023, two modernAKIS coaching sessions were held in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Zagreb, Croatia. The sessions were organised by modernAKIS partners Landwirschaftskammer Österreich (LKÖ, Austria) and Innovatiesteunpunt (ISP, Belgium) and attended by partners from Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Croatia, Austria, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria and Greece.

The objective of these coaching sessions was to support partners in establishing country-based Communities of Practice (CoPs), aimed at supporting AKIS Coordination Bodies in the different Member States. These CoPs serve as national platforms for key AKIS actors of change to collaborate, share knowledge, and foster innovation.

By holding the coaching sessions in smaller groups and in person, participants were able to thoroughly exchange and to gain better insight in the objectives of these CoPs and the modernAKIS project itself. Recognizing that each country has its unique AKIS dynamics, challenges and opportunities, participants explored the need to adapt the establishment of their CoP to their own local context: tailor-made approaches rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Looking ahead, the next coaching sessions are scheduled to take place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 21-22 August 2023, and in Riga, Latvia, from 5-6 September 2023. They are organised for the countries that did not participate in the first coaching sessions.

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