AKIS in support of the environmental and climate ambition of the CAP

In agriculture, the need for sustainable practices to combat climate change has never been more pressing. Recently, the “AKIS in action” networking event, organised by modernAKIS, shed light on how AKIS measures are actively supporting climate change mitigation efforts.  

The event brought together about 200 participants from all over Europe to explore the environmental and climate ambition of the CAP in AKIS.  

Thomas Weber, Austrian Chamber of Agriculture,  started the first session of the networking event, which focused on training to help farmers implement the Austrian Agro-Environmental Program (ÖPUL) that promotes environmentally friendly agricultural practices in Austria. It incentivizes farmers to adopt sustainable farming methods that contribute to environmental protection and biodiversity conservation. ÖPUL is closely related to the modernAKIS project as it aligns with the goals of enhancing Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) for a more sustainable and efficient agricultural sector. 

Elisabeth Süßenbacher, Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture,  continued and provided information on biodiversity and the added value of knowledge through training, and highlighted the importance of biodiversity conservation in Austrian landscapes. The biodiversity trainings, for example, focus on the need for action, responsibility and expertise as well as on understanding the interrelationships and benefits of biodiversity. 

Johannes Zauner, an Austrian farmer from Umbach, represented the practitioners and emphasised the importance of conservation agriculture, crop rotation and biodiversity conservation.  

The Austrian example was followed by an Irish experience report. Tom O’Dwyer discussed international developments on climate change. The Irish Signpost Programme is engaging Irish farmers in climate action and the adoption of climate change mitigation technologies. This initiative, led by Signpost Farmers, embodies a collaborative approach that merges scientific knowledge with industry expertise. 

Thomas Duffy, an Irish dairy farmer and beneficiary of the Signpost Programme, summed up the networking session with an in-depth analysis of the Irish status quo and the challenges posed by increased demand for land, fertiliser and feed. However, there is also a growing interest among young farmers in habitat protection and environmentally friendly practices. 

Following the presentations, a lively discussion ensued, with participants actively exchanging ideas and experiences with the presenters.  

If you are interested to rewatch the event:  

Watch: Online event “AKIS in support of the environmental and climate ambition of the CAP”
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to access the presentation.

Watch: Training to Support Farmers | Thomas Weber
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Watch – Biodiversity and the added value of knowledge through training | Elisabeth Süßenbacher
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Watch – Better Soil Health | Johannes Zauner

Watch – The Signpost Programme engaging Irish farmers in climate action | Tom O’Dwyer
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Watch – Fostering Biodiversity Sustainable Agriculture and Habitat Preservation | Thomas Duffy

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