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  • 10.01.2024

    modernAKIS | Agricultural Knowledge Innovation Systems


  • 29.02.2024

    Deliverable 2.13 | Report on networking activities for widening the network

    The deliverable 2.13 describes how the wider network and systematic exchange with relevant actors is conceptualized and how this was implemented in the first 18 project months. Moreover, it includes a report on widening the networking activities and efforts made to expand the network as well as an outline of the networking goals for the further project duration. The deliverable updates reflect on the implemented activities and the chosen networking approach and present necessary adaptations to the concept and planned activities realised.
  • 21.09.2023

    Deliverable 1.1 | Conceptual and Methodological Framework for transformative/evolutionary AKIS journeys

    The deliverable D1.1 defines the modernAKIS process of strengthening the AKIS, that will function as a discovery journey, namely a Transformative AKIS Journey (TAJ), moving AKIS actors away from the boundaries of what is already known to explore new horizons, challenge themselves, and experience new things that will make the journey an evolutionary learning experience. The TAJs are drawn on the sound combination of three participatory systemic approaches to behavioral change that will inspire an overall pathway of collective learning and system thinking development across EU: (1) transformative change; (2) multi-actor approach; (3) reflexive monitoring and evaluation in action.
  • 21.09.2023

    Deliverable 1.3 | Compendium of insightful new know-how and ready-for-practice solutions

    The “Compendium of insightful new know-how and ready-for-practice solutions” is the first of a series that will be delivered over the project, on a yearly basis. It represents a lab leading to share and co-develop with partners and other key AKIS actors ready-to-be-put-in-use knowledge and practical insights (e.g. administrative procedures) that will hopefully support the (re)design and implementation of the strategies strengthening the AKIS in Member States. This Compendium covers 5 themes (CAP Networks, standard costs, AKIS Coordination bodies, Back-office and training of advisory services) and includes 22 relating AKIS-in-Practices.
  • 21.09.2023

    Deliverable 1.10 | Report on comparative analysis of AKIS in Europe

    The report “comparative analysis of AKIS in EU” consolidates insights from AKIS inventory reports of the PRO AKIS project, the i2connect project and the information from chapter 8 of the new CAP strategic plans in EU MS. In particular, the report identified key AKIS features which could serve as a basis for cross-comparisons among different AKISs and for identifying good practices. These features are: i. The composition and diversity of actors and knowledge infrastructures, their roles and functions; ii. The configuration of AKIS supporting policies, regulations and funds allocated to AKIS interventions; iii. The types of coordination mechanisms that facilitate collaboration, decision-making, and resource allocation; iv. The degree of interactions among the diverse actors to facilitate knowledge sharing, innovation, and partnership. The report offers an in-depth analysis of these AKIS features across the EU MS.
  • 21.09.2023

    Deliverable 1.12 | Compendium of how advisors can be intensively integrated in AKIS

  • 21.09.2023

    Deliverable 2.1 | Framework, methods and instruments for successful AKIS Communities of Practice and an international AKIS CB network

    The modernAKIS network is designed to foster peer-to-peer and best practice exchange on AKIS topics, and to provide room for decision-making on the priority topics to shape the modernAKIS project activities. Comprising three layers — AKIS Coordination Bodies, key AKIS actors, and the wider network — it aims to co-design and apply the transformative AKIS journeys. The network members will be supported by a digital platform for knowledge exchange and community building. Networking activities will include, amongst others, bi-yearly AKIS Coordination Bodies General Assemblies, a modernAKIS newsletter, yearly national AKIS events as well as AKIS conferences and open calls for thematic contributions. Operating through ‘Communities of Practice’ (CoPs), the network enhances understanding, strengthens key actors, and facilitates knowledge uptake and innovation. CoPs focus on learning, connecting actors, fostering innovation, and improving links at two levels: national CoPs to help multi-actor interaction and dialogue, support the AKIS Coordination Bodies and trust building among the local key actors of change and cross-country CoPs for learning between countries, organised around topical areas pertinent to the CAP Strategic Plans of the Member States.
  • 21.09.2023

    Deliverable 2.2 | Report on networking activities of AKIS

    Building a network with 1.000 key AKIS actors is one of the specific project objectives. The “Report on networking activities of AKIS” provides information on the implementation and operation of the modernAKIS network after the first 12 project months. D2.2 outlines the progress of the modernAKIS network set-up, reports on AKIS Coordination Bodies General Assemblies and networking activities. Moreover, it defines how networking is understood in modernAKIS and how it connects to capacity building.
  • 21.09.2023

    Deliverable 2.13 | Report on widening the network activities

    This deliverable describes how the wider network and systematic exchange with relevant actors is conceptualized and how this was implemented in the first 18 project months. Moreover, it includes a report on widening the networking activities and efforts made to expand the network as well as an outline of the networking goals for the further project duration.
  • 21.09.2023

    Deliverable 3.1 | 3 online modules in 24 languages for Task 3.1 available on demand

  • 21.09.2023

    Deliverable 5.4 | Project Website

    This deliverable describes the modernAKIS project website, a central platform for communication. It falls under WP5, focusing on wider dissemination and engagement. The target audience includes AKIS Coordination Bodies, Networks, Research/Education sectors, Farmers/Advisors, and the General public. The document outlines the website’s structure, KPIs, and its interaction with the modernAKIS network. The website acts as the primary access point for public materials, including deliverables, reports, newsletters, dissemination materials, presentations, promotional videos, and the modernAKIS knowledge platform.
  • 21.09.2023

    Deliverable 5.5 | Knowledge exchange infrastructure/platform

    The main purpose of this deliverable is to provide an active link for the AKIS knowledge exchange platform and provide a short overview of the digital infrastructure that is being delivered and is accessible at Additionally, it describes the scope of the platform and its context in modernAKIS project, and it offers a brief description of the platform and its connection to EU-funded ATTRACTIS project. Finally, it presents some examples of pages that are included in the current delivery, whether as mockup screenshots or pages with actual dynamic data, already available before the initial launch on March 1st, and it briefly lists the next steps that will be followed after its initial release, and how users’ feedback will be integrated into the process.
  • 21.09.2023

    Deliverable 6.4 | Quality Assurance Plan

    The “Quality Assurance Plan” describes the execution of project activities from a quality management perspective, defining all internal standards, processes, and procedures, and their execution including continuous monitoring, correction, and improvement when necessary.

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