Insights | AKIS CBs General Assembly

In a gathering on November 7th and 8th, 2023, AKIS Coordination Bodies (CBs) met in Zagreb, Croatia, marking another activity in the evolution of AKIS in Europe. The overarching objectives of the General Assembly included a deep dive into peer-to-peer and best practice exchanges, knowledge flow dynamics, setting the learning agenda for 2024, and fostering extensive networking. The assembly included diverse participants, ranging from AKIS CBs to policymakers and organizations dedicated to advancing knowledge transfer interventions.

A Glimpse into the Agenda:

Day 1: The assembly commenced with a warm welcome and ice-breaking activities, fostering a collaborative atmosphere. Interactive sessions enabled participants to actively engage with transformative AKIS journeys, drawing insights and priorities for capacity building from a diverse group of key AKIS actors. The day concluded with an overview of AKIS CBs’ first-year experiences and forward-looking strategies on how to improve AKIS coordination.

Day 2: The second day unfolded with an exploration of the meaning of knowledge flows within and beyond the CAP as well as good practices from Ireland, UK, and Bulgaria complemented by insightful workshops on building stronger AKIS connections and involving all actors. The assembly was rounded up by a reflective session, gathering feedback and outlining future steps.

Key Takeaways:

The AKIS CBs General Assembly 2023 was a platform for emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and sustainable practices in European agriculture. Participants left with enriched perspectives, actionable strategies, and a shared commitment to steer the AKIS landscape toward greater effectiveness and impact. The assembly not only served as a knowledge hub but also ignited a collective vision for the future of European agriculture

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