June 26, 2023

France AKIS | Updates on the different AKIS

AKIS Overview

The network of the AKIS stakeholders is well structured.

AKIS is supported out of the CAP by a national support (CASDAR which is a special account for agricultural and rural development; farmers paid it partially by a tax) and by some interbranch organisation which paid for some R&D action.

There is also some action including multiactor like  :

  • RMT mixed technology network including research (applied or not) / advisors / educational (mostly secondary school) and farmers/advisors are the target of the results);
  • UMT mixed technology unit including mostly research applied or not.
  • Groups of innovation out of EIP and supported by national/regional subsidies: 30000, DEPHY, 4 pour 1000 / PSDR TETRAE (regional level : Research + Advisory services + educational (mostly) and with a target mainly farmers and advisors.

A unit (RIT Research innovation transfer) between INRAE for the Research, ACTA for the applied research and CDAF for the advisors is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture to boost dissemination and transfer of results useable by farmers to back them in the agroecological transition.

AKIS Coordination Bodies

The governance will be based upon existing ones such as:

  • EIP network reinforced in the CAP network,
  • A technical commission for the rural and agricultural development (CASDAR), rule by the ministry of agriculture including all the stakeholders of the AKIS,
  • The technical national group (GTN) for cluster 6 of Horizon Europe (AKIS actors and national contact point)
  • The working groups from the association of the Region of France.

Note: In France, except for Agroclimatic measures, Less Favoured Areas, predation and risk management, all the subsidies of the EFARD are ruled by the Region (13 without the peripheric 19 in global). It will important for the well-functioning of the AKIS that this level is also engage. The COREDEF, ruled by the Regional chamber of Agriculture, include all the main stakeholders of the AKIS and speak about CASDAR (rural and agricultural development) but also about knowledge flows, how to back the transition. The farmers (end-users) are present and, in Occitanie, we visit an innovative farm during the COREDEF Day to improve the bottom-up dissemination and not only the top-down one.

It will engage a rotating presidency of the AKIS committee by the stakeholders of the AKIS, strengthen the work around the specific objective of the CAP and priorities of needs coming from the ground, reinforce the mutualization of actions between the stakeholders, an opening in the way of being more in link with the needs of the ground, the society and the society and to more target the answer.

CAP Strategic Plan Priorities

Improve farmer ‘pay’ and competitivness including convergence of the support, risks management,

Quality scheme,

Climatic change: adaptation and mitigation

Sustainable management of the ressources : water, biodiversity…

Generation renewal

All those priorities in a balance support for the differents territories needs.

Find the full AKIS country report here.

Other news

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