June 7, 2024

I Meeting Hungarian National Communities of Practice

More than 40 AKIS key actors attended the first meeting of the Hungarian national Communities of Practice (COP) on the 5th of June. The event was organised by AKI -Institute of Agricultural Economics.

AKI is responsible for running the recently launched Innovation and Digitalisation Support Unit as part of the national CAP network. The aim was to create a regular forum for professional dialogue, capacity development and networking around topics related to agricultural innovation. Lívia Kránitz, Head of Innovation Support Unit, presented the vision on the integration of potential AKIS actors into the network as well as the opportunities provided by the modernAKIS project. In connection with Lívia’s presentation, participants jointly sought the answer to the question of what the main development needs of the potential AKIS actors are and how these can be effectively addressed by the CAP network.

AKIS related CAP Strategic Plan interventions were explained by Dr Adrienn Baksa, Head of Department of the Ministry of Agriculture. Following her presentation, participants offered their own networks’ professional input to further refine the technical content of specific calls for proposals.

The EU CAP Network activities were introduced by Dr Szabolcs Vágó, Head of Division of the EU CAP Network Support Facility. He spoke about the several knowledge exchange opportunities offered. The added value of joining these events was validated by the enthusiastic first-hand experiences shared by four participants.

Farmers, advisors, universities, research institutes, non-profit professional organisations, the National Chamber of Agriculture, the Managing Authority, the Ministry of Agriculture and the other two support units of the national CAP network were all present. Based on the discussion, AKIS actors prefer a systematic, interactive and practice-oriented form of cooperation and capacity development. The framework for joint work is provided by the personal COP meetings held every six months. The thematic focus develops in accordance with the needs and actualities arising in the meantime. Participation is open to all interested parties.

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