June 21, 2023

Spanish AKIS | Updates on the different AKIS

AKIS Overview:

The current political and territorial organization of Spain (based on Spanish Constitution), shape a decentralized system in which the regions (NUTS-2 according to Eurostat) have much of the responsibilities and decision-making powers.

On the one hand, the Spanish Constitution establishes that the regions may assume competences in the promotion of research but the central government has exclusive competences in the promotion and general coordination of scientific and technical research, as well as international –scientific- relations. And on the other hand, all regions have established, in their Statutes of Autonomy (the main legal reference in each region) the assumption of competences in the field of agricultural research.

Finished the public participation procedure forthe royal decree of the Spanish AKIS Coordination Body. It will shortly be published in the Official State Gazette (

Key AKIS stakeholders:

1. Public Authorities.

2. Research and Education

    2.1. Education and agricultural training.

            – Higher education.

            – Vocational training.

    2.2. Research

3. Private sector

    3.1. Agrifood industries

    3.2. Input and services companies

    3.3. Public-private partnerships

           – Tech platforms

           – Agrifood clusters or Innovative Enterprise Clusters (IEC)

    3.4. Private financial entities

4. Farmer based organization

    4.1. Agri food cooperatives

    4.2. Farmers professional organizations (FPO)

    4.3. Other farmers and forester organizations

5. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)

AKIS Coordination Bodies:

The Spanish AKIS Coordinating Body will function in Plenary or in Institutional Commission.


The Plenary of the AKIS Coordination Body will be formed by the following members:

Chair: The body will be co-chaired by the heads of the General Secretariat of Agriculture and Food of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the General Secretariat of Research
of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Vice-presidency: The vice-presidency will correspond to the holders of the general directorates of Rural Development, Innovation and Agri-food Training of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and of Research Planning of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

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Find the full AKIS country report here.

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