modernAKIS network event | 29th November 2023

On 29 November 2023, we held a networking event with the aim of Accelerating Innovation and Knowledge Flows: A Recap of the inspiring networking event “AKIS in Action” delivered by the modernAKIS project.

In a convergence of ideas and expertise, the first “AKIS in action” networking event brought together 250 enthusiastic participants from all over Europe to explore the acceleration of innovation and knowledge flows in AKIS.

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See below the agenda of the modernAKIS network event:

The event kicked off with a captivating series of use cases where key AKIS actors shared insights and experiences to harness innovation and collaboration.  

Marleen Gysen from Borenbond presented an inspirational bus-trip as a method to link farmers, advisors, researchers and policy makers in the context of agri-photovoltaics. See her presentation here!

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Florian Herzog from the Austrian Chamber of Agriculture exemplified the power of commitment and ownership in driving forward a high-impact series of events to “Speed Up Innovation”, fostering exchange between knowledge multipliers. See his presentation here!

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Kaspars Žūriņš from the Latvian Advisory and Training Centre rounded up the experience reports by presenting the implementation of demonstration farms in Latvia, showcasing cutting-edge agricultural practices. These farms serve as living laboratories, fostering experimentation and learning for sustainable and efficient farming methods. See his presentation here!

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During the event there was also a Q&A on “AKIS in action: Fostering knowledge flows in practice“.

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